Vitality check

The Vitality check is the first screening and will introduce your new client to


This check maps out the activities that your client is already performing and to which extent. Subsequently personal targets are asked and (medical) limitations are considered. Finally, it will be clear to which extent the client will be independently able to change his/her lifestyle. Maybe just with the support of a coach! Any way it will be clear what the condition is of the (potential) client and what suits him/her best.

Lifestyle aspects

Based on the check it is reviewed what the next step will be. If required the client will receive information about the different lifestyle aspects, so a conscious choice is made on how to proceed. It is possible that more specific information is offered about exercise, or about food, or about relaxation and rest,

But if the client is already sufficiently aware of his or her current lifestyle and nothing was discovered that requires further investigation, the client can directly register for the Vitality consult.