One Size Fits All Stress?


Is there A solution for a stress-free life?

Everybody goes through periods where stress claims a negative role. We all know that life without stress is impossible and maybe even undesirably but sometimes it goes beyond our head.

No standard solution

For continuous stress, there is not a ‘One Size Fits All’ solution. In the interaction between a person and his/her environment there are always factors that eventually determine if and how a pattern of continuous stress occurs or how it can be broken. To get a good insight on these factors it is useful to use a personal stress profile. In the development from stressful situations to actual stress related problems, elements such as personality, social skills, convictions, self-management, social support and lifestyle play a role.

Use a personal plan

To create a plan of approach it is good if you work from a personal profile that contains all these elements. This way it will become clear what already goes right in the field of personal stress management, but it also points out the biggest challenges. From my experience in coaching people while addressing continuous stress I can state that the influence of lifestyle on stress remains ‘neglected’ with many people while this is indeed one of the important challenges when increasing stress resistance.

To change the lifestyle is difficult!

If you really want to change your lifestyle, this requires a change of habits. And people do not really like this. It is more efficient to fulfil life mainly from routine practices. Breaking these routines costs therefore a lot of ‘strength’. From a process of awareness, a start can be made with personal targets and corresponding actions. Here the challenge is to align the targets and actions as well as possible with the personal preferences and opportunities.


Max Lak

Difficult questions

To achieve targeted choices with the adjustment of your lifestyle as part of the approach of stress, a number of questions will automatically be highlighted:

  • How will I know if I have sufficient exercise, eat responsibly and correctly relax and recover?
  • How does exercise, food and relaxation/recovery contribute to a good stress resistance?
  • Which choices do subsequently suit me?
  • How do I avoid the ‘YoYo effect’?

Support with change of lifestyle

A good support when changing lifestyle is essential. Hardly anybody can fully change his/her lifestyle on his/her own. Coaching can have an important added value here.
Think of making choices and supporting the motivation.
If this coaching is integrated in a concept where the support also takes place via an app and other online offer, this will further support the own control.

Our solution

MOVESMART. EATFRESH! MINDSWITCH? has developed a concept that enables coaches to offer optimum support to people who want to work on their lifestyle. One of the principles within this concept is the threefold MOVE, EAT and MIND.

Lifestyle always concerns the threefold exercise, food and relaxation/recovery. It could be obvious that someone with enormous stress problems with his/her change of lifestyle wants/has to put the accent on relaxation and recovery at a certain moment but we know it makes sense to also pay attention on suitable exercise solutions and aspects of food. We do not do ‘simple’ symptom prevention, but we choose for an approach where all related elements of lifestyle reoccur.


One of the pillars of coaching is related to the process of changing the behaviour, the optimum relaxation/recovery and stress management. By paying attention to factors like night’s rest, mental balance, conscious living and dealing with stress the coach can offer guidance that perfectly aligns with the personal profile to reduce stress to a healthy proportion. The coming months I will further discuss in this blog these themes and the solutions we can offer for this. The next blog will deal with the ‘cleaning capacity” of a healthy sleep.

Hope to see you then!!