Vitality consult

With the use of the app clients are stimulated to take action. So, it is important to clearly know someone’s condition. The Vitality consult is an extensive examination where not just the physical fitness is measured but also lifestyle themes around food, sleeping, relaxation, energy and vitality are included. The uniqueness of this test method is that all results are combined to an advice that results in a stimulating and personal plan. This way clients can make a conscious decision on how to proceed. The Vitality coach gives tailor-made advice after all measurements have been conducted and all results have been analysed.


The Vitality consult is also the moment to redeem the credits (in the pocket), that are virtually saved (‘in the cloud’) by showing healthy behaviour. During the consult the results of all efforts can be measured. When this is in line with the result, the coach will actually reward the credits (‘in the pocket’).